Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Get a Handle on Your New iPad with the Grip 3 iPad Case

If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind protective cover for your new iPad, ColorWare may have what you are looking for. With 46 different colors and three different color combinations to choose from, you can stroll down the street with confidence that you’ve got the only case like it on the block.
ColorWare’s Grip 3 holds your iPad tightly in place with a removable, customizable frame. One side of the frame is a convenient handle to allow users to grip the iPad

securely while tapping and swiping away.
There are three parts to the Grip 3 that can be customized. The frame, back and handle can all have a different color, including matte, gloss, pearl or metallic. It is compatible with both the second and third generation iPad. The frame is made from strurdy aluminum while the back is a lightweight fiberglass panel that can be removed if you want to show off your iPad’s backside.
The customizable cases cost $300 and are available now from the company’s website. Pick one up today and be the fashionista of the iPad world.

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